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Called To Love Ministry
(Vocations Pillar)


Promote a culture of understanding God’s will in whatever state of life God has called us to, be it in marriage, religious life, or singlehood.

Our vision is for the parish community to adopt a discerning attitude, that is, being open to understanding God’s call in whatever state of life he calls us to. Within the 3 states of life, we are also called as students, parents, professionals, retirees, grandparents, and so forth.

To this end we organise the Holy Hour of Grace every 2nd Thursday of the even month to pray for faithfulness to our vocations. We recently organised a Vocations Forum and coming soon will be Called to Joy - a career discernment forum. Next year, we will have a forum on Marriage and Singlehood.

Recruitment: We are on the lookout for young parents and youth joining our growing team. Come and see!

“This is my beloved Son, in whom I am
well pleased. Listen to him.”

~ Matthew 3:17


Mel Diamse Lee

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