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Extraordinary Ministers of

Holy Communion


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHCs) are lay people who have been appointed to assist the Parish Priests in distributing Holy Communion at the Masses.

It is a calling to serve God’s people in a very special way and in accepting this responsibility, not only have we agreed to demonstrate our love and understanding of the Eucharist, we have also committed to grow in faith by “experiencing” the Eucharist in our daily lives. In ministering to the assembly at Mass and even to those unable to attend because of illness or infirmity, we strive to re-awaken in each communicant, the fullest meaning of the Eucharist.

As Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion we answer the Lord Jesus’ call to serve. Our service to the Queen of Peace Parish is our way of sharing in our relationship with God, while developing an ever-deepening commitment to strengthen the spirit of the Body of Christ within community.


Philip Kok

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