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"All generations will
call me Blessed." Luke 1:48

House of Mary Building & Fundraising

Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace
House of Mary Pastoral Centre obtained TOP on 13 Feb 2023


Blessing & Construction

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Breaking News! 24 July 2022

HOM TOP Date: 13 February 2023

"From now on, all generations will call me blessed" Luke 1:48

Message from Rev Fr Timothy Yeo, Parish Priest

Dear brothers and sisters,

Our parish, Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace (QOP), has blossomed into a vibrant community over the last 65 years. 


With the growth in our parish activities, such as faith formation, community programs and catechism classes, there is a pressing need for more facilities. 

In order to meet our current and future needs, we plan to redevelop the existing 2-storey parish office and priests’ house into a new 5-storey building with attic, to accommodate the pastoral centre and priests’ quarters. Estimated cost of this project is $7 million. 


The new building will provide more meeting and prayer facilities for children, youth, seniors and various ministries. It will be named “House of Mary”. 

Please support our fundraising activities. Let’s work together to build this new pastoral center in honour of our Mother Mary. 

May God continue to bless you and your family abundantly for your 

generosity and support. Thank you. 


过去65年来,我们的堂区和平之后天主堂 (QOP) 不断地茁壮成长,如今已蜕变为一个朝气蓬勃的团体。

随着堂区活动的日益增加, 信仰培育课程、团体组织活动、儿童要理班等等,我们迫切需要扩建现有的堂区设施。

为满足目前及将来的牧灵需求,我们计划重新发展,将现有的双层堂区办公室及神父楼,扩建为 一 栋五层大楼外加顶层阁楼,作为牧灵中心和神父宿舍之用。估计费用为七百万元。

新的大楼将为儿童、青年、乐龄人士,以及各堂区组织,提供更多聚会和祈祷的场所。为表达我们对圣母的敬爱, 这栋大楼将取名为「玛利亚牧灵中心」。






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House of Mary

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