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To become better Christians by offering our service as an expression of our love for God and as a sacrifice to Him.


To serve the church and her parishioners with humility and patience.

"Our Lord Jesus came not to be served
but to serve"

~ St Mark’s Gospel 10:45

We do this by serving our parish community and enhancing communal love amongst our members and fellow Catholics. We welcome and assist the congregation during the Celebration of the Liturgy and assist in the Offertory collection and reception of Holy Communion. We work as part of the liturgical ministry with the priests of the Parish in maintaining decorum and order during liturgical celebrations. By working harmoniously with one another and with other ministries in the parish whilst focusing on the spiritual growth of our wardens, we respond to our Lord’s call

“I yield myself to Christ to be a servant,
to use what I am and have for the glory of God
and the good of others”

~ 2 Corinthians 4:5


Mr Francis Arul

Uplifted Youth

I joined the Wardens Ministry after I had contemplated for some time in wanting to offer my service to the Church. The Wardens Ministry allows me to offer my service during the Celebration of the Eucharist itself, which is the highest form of worship for us Catholics. I feel very happy and satisfied that I am able to offer my service responsibly during mass.

~ Ivy Cheng

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