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QOP Landings

Landings is a ministry that welcomes returning Catholics back to the Church. We are a reconciliation ministry based on compassionate listening.


At Landings, we gather in small groups and share our faith stories. By reflecting on our faith stories, we grow in self-awareness of how and why we strayed from the faith. By articulating our faith stories, we invite a divine light to shine through the cracks in our lives that we keep to ourselves. By listening to the faith story of another, we recognise that we are not alone in our struggles.


Landings is:

  • People in solidarity with the returning who in their own lives have "returned" and continue to "return"

  • A supportive community within where you can ask questions and discuss issues or deal with difficulties

  • An opportunity to be with ordinary Catholics who are trying to live their faith

  • A safe environment to come to terms with recent changes within the Church and ourselves

  • Founded on the belief that we do not have to be trained theologians to share what we believe, and to speak honestly about our faith, trusting in the Holy Spirit


Landings is not:

  • The "saved" welcoming the "sinners"

  • People pressuring others to return

  • Full of answers to teach the unenlightened

  • Blind to the hurt the Church may have caused someone


Straying from the faith takes many forms. Some may have not stepped into a church for decades. Others attend Mass regularly and even serve in ministry, but feel spiritually away. Have you strayed from the faith? If you are considering a return, we invite you to join Landings. At Landings, we are… ‘always returning’.

Zoom Meeting:

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, 8.00pm in via Zoom.


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