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Lectors and Animators


To be a community of bearers of God’s Word in order to build a vibrant, missionary and evangelistic Church


  • To help the faithful develop a warm and living love for Sacred Scripture from listening to the sacred readings.

  • To direct the congregation to understand and participate more fully in the Eucharistic celebration.

  • To do this, Lectors and Animators delight in, study deeply, make known and live out His Word


Lynn Desker
HP: 9270 5057

Agnes Chia
HP: 9628 6991

Uplifted Youth

“Being part of the LA family changes my perspectives totally and adds a whole new dimension to my religious life”

Joining the Lector ministry makes me feel that I am part of a big family of QOP. Through our ministry activities, I also get to know brothers and sisters form other ministries, which makes me feel that the church is really like a big family. Going to church is no longer just to pray privately but also to meet friends, to join in activities, to fellowship, to share experiences, thoughts and prayers. We get a feel of what being in a big family is like whenever someone needs prayers.

You can count on LA members to always respond in earnest. Now that is the spirit of being in a family!

~ Adrian Koh, Lector for 14 years

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