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SPERO means“Hope” in Latin,
and that is what we hope to bring.


“I can do all things through Christ
who strengthens me.”

~ Philippians 4:13


To support our brothers and sisters who are coping with single parenting, separation, divorce, or death of a spouse.

Our mission of HOPE strives to address some of the most immediate challenges men, women and children experience after facing such trying times.

SPERO offers 5 pillars of support: Prayer, Healing and Counselling, Family Support, Community Support, and Advocacy.

Services that SPERO provides:

  • Counselling (by Appointment only)

  • Prayer and Support Groups

  • Respite Nights for Parents
    (Every 4th Friday, 7.30pm to 9.30pm)

  • Study groups for Children and for Youth
    (Every 3rd Friday, 7.30pm to 9.30pm)

  • Workshops

  • Connections to Legal advisors

  • Connections to Financial Assistance

  • Community Support


Jaz: 9844 4330

Helen: 9734 0042


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